Stop Playing God

Stop Playing God

In the beginning there was the Word, The Sound, “Om”. Naada Brahma This was the potential energy that got activated. This became a vibration and took the form of kinetic energy. Prana had now become unleashed. This became Ether or Akash, the First Element. Ether gave rise to Air or Vayu, the Second Element. Air gave rise to Fire or Agni, the Third Element. (Tej) Agni gave rise to Water or Jal, the Fourth Element. (Apa) Water gave rise to Earth or Bhu, the Fifth Element. (Dharti)

The entire manifestation is an illusion, a maya. These five elements are perceptions of this illusion. Air, Fire, Water and Earth gives it an illusion of physicality. Ether, which is Prana, glues them all together. Every living cell has these five elements. All of these five elements are interconnected. One cannot be without the others.

Everything is perfect. Everything came out of perfection. If you take away something from it, what remains is perfect. If you add something to it, what becomes is perfect. Nature is perfect.

The human being is also a product of Nature, But also saddled with intellect and ego. And therein lays the imperfection. Mankind has used this imperfection within himself to play God. Stop playing God. Let Nature take its course.

India was the cradle of civilization. India was a land of riches. India was a land of wisdom. India was where the saptrishis were sent down by Brahma. These seven sages carried with them All the knowledge that made up the entire Universe, The entire manifestation, without a beginning and without an end. This knowledge and wisdom was ingrained in the Five Elements.

This is the oral tradition of India. It made its way to every corner of the world. The Five Elements helped disseminate this knowledge, Like the Ganges and its tributaries spreading water all over India. It spread because it was simple. It was simple because it was intuitive. It was intuitive because it could be experienced. It did not require proof and laboratory tests.

The falling of every leaf from every branch of every tree is pre destined. The leaf can only flutter until it falls down. Fluttering is its nature, its swabhav. We can only act and behave according to our nature. Be that individual self, With full awareness of your connection with Nature. Be the change that you want to see happen. Do not try to change the course of Nature.

Stop playing God.

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